Trivia Bits about Colgate-Palmolive

When one mentions consumer products, the immediate company that comes to mind is Colgate-Palmolive. Who can blame me? Since I was a kid, it has dominated most of the products that we use at home. From personal care to home care, it was evident that my mom really trusted the company. I wouldn’t blame her as it’s one of the established names in the industry, and we have tried and tested the quality of its products.

Fun fact: did you know that Colgate-Palmolive is now celebrating their 90 years of operations in the Philippines? Yes! For the past nine decades, it has provided Filipinos with quality brands for oral care, personal care and home care. Want to learn more? Check out 9 trivia bits below about Colgate-Palmolive:


My MBP Gift Swap Experience

Christmas is my favorite time of the year! Not only do I get to spend more time with the family, but I also get to surprise my loved ones with gifts.

This Christmas is extra special for me because I joined the MBP Gift Swap. It’s like an exchange gift, but we get to exchange with fellow members of the Mommy Bloggers Philippines group – some of which we haven’t met yet. It was very exciting since we didn’t know who picked us, not until we receive the gift.  (more…)

Make-up workshop by Mamanee

Great Argan Sale at Nailaholics!

The last quarter of the year is the toughest for our skin. Mostly, it’s because of the unpredictability of the weather, swinging from sunny and humid to cold and wet. It’s also the time  wherein a lot of events are happening left and right. Since our skin is one of the first things that people notice, it is really important to take care of this asset.

Of course, eating healthy, getting enough sleep and a lot of exercise helps. Unfortunately, the effects from these wouldn’t have a quick turn-around. Want to know my secret in maintaining my skin? I use argan oil.


Get Pampered and Stamped

Living in a tropical country certainly has a lot of perks. Perpetually sunny days, year-round airy summer fashion, and an annual healthy glow thanks to a regular dose of vitamin D.

This also means it’s nearly always sandal-season. While not necessarily a drawback, it does take a lot of work to make sure your tips and toes are perpetually ready to be on display.


Here’s Your Chance to Win A Trip To Maldives

Walk into any Nailaholics branch and you are immediately ushered into a different world. The world quiets down, even for just a few hours, as you settle into the canopied seats. The gentle buzz behind its doors are reminiscent of the placid flurry typicaly found in beachside destinations. The colors evoke the calm of being beside the ocean.

Now, stepping inside a Nailaholics branch doesn’t just welcome you into a world of pampering, you’re actually taking your first step towards the Maldives; a destination recognized as this year’s best spa destination by industry, known for its clear, cobalt waters, hugged by a stretches of fine, delicate sand.


The Sweetest and Smoothest Giveaway from Hey Sugar

Typically, a trip to the waxing salon inspires a lot of dread—except if you’re headed to one that is all-natural, organic, practically painless, and sweeter than sugar.

For this reason, Hey Sugar is largely considered one of the most trusted, preferred and ideal destinations for everyone’s diverse grooming needs. But as if these perks weren’t enough, Hey Sugar is sweetening the deal even more.